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Moustache March Groups and Events Around the World

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This is a page to find all the groups around the world who are participating in Moustache March. Many are doing fundraisers so get involved!

Portland, Or.

The founding crew of the Moustache March Website. Rolling since 2003 and gaining new members each year. Many small events going on. Come hang with us 3/6 at the North Bar for an '80s party!


PDX CANswer Project

The Portland group is teaming up with the American Cancer Society to raise money for a good cause. The kick off meeting is March 16th, check it out!


More info on how you can help coming soon!


Travis Thum's Group.

I don't have a lot of details from them yet but it looks like they take it pretty seriously!


Covenant House Alaska

A group doing a great fundraiser in the great white

north. Check out their site for more information.


Step Four

They are having a facebook picture contest that I believe anyone can enter (even girls with fake moustaches) to win prizes, check it out now!


The Mustache March Gala

An annual event in Denver, CO. Happening 3/27. Click the image for the full flyer!

A classy back tie event featuring bands, hors d'oeuvres and mustache awards!

$10 at the door.


Of Shape and Sound Concert and Mustache Contest

An event on March 27th at the Backyard in Pleasanton, CA.


The 2nd Annual Booth Moustache Contest

An event I found through the American Mustache Institute. Throwing a big party in Chicago March 31st.


Applied Signal Technology - Utah Office

These guys had an impressive showing last year, make sure you check out their gallery!


A group I found in Iceland

I can't read Icelandic, but it looks like they are doing good things. At least the blog post on the link gives us some idea of what is going on.


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