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Moustache March F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)blank space

What is Moustache March?
Well, simply it is a month long celebration of Moustaches.

Why Moustache March?
Why not? Most of us grew up in the 70's and 80's when Moustaches were a sign of a true man. Some of our favorite heroes had 'staches. Moustaches aren't as popular today (especially with our ladies) but we want to take one month per year to celebrate all that is the Moustache!

I see other Moustache groups doing it for a fundraiser, do you?
Not yet. We are hoping to be able to raise money for a cause next year. For now our cause is the Moustache. If you would like to donate money to a worthy cause visit

Isn't it spelled Mustache?
It can be. But these guys World Beard & Moustache Championships spell it Moustache so we went with that. Moustache is the more traditional spelling.

When do you start growing your Moustaches?
Most of us try to start growing a full beard in Don't Shave December, then continue with Just Grow it January and Facial Hair February. Then the last day of February our members all over the world gather for shaving parties and trim it down to the Moustache.
Note: A lot of it depends on what our significant others allow.

How do you become a member of Moustache March?
It is pretty simple, grow a Moustache and sport it in March. We love it when people post pics on the site and buy stuff, but what we want most is Moustaches.

What do you do during Moustache March?
Where do I start? One of our favorite things is to pick a theme for a day and dress up for that theme and take pictures and video. We like to get our 'staches out in public and share the love. You can look at the picture galleries from previous years for a good idea. Some of our traditions include surfing, bowling and the shaving party.

When and how did Moustache March start?
Winter was just wrapping up in the year 2003 and a few of us had grown beards for the winter. Without discussing it several of us shaved down to Moustaches at the same time. We realized we had something amazing on our hands and realized that Moustache March was something that needed to happen. Since then we have steadily been growing our crew year after year.

Don't people laugh at you?
Yes, ignorant people do. People with any appreciation for life respect us and usually join us.

Can I keep a soul patch and call it a Moustache?
Sure you can, if you want to get beat up.

Where can I find more info on Moustaches?
A good source is at Wikipedia.

This site is updated and maintained by the Moustache March founders themselves.
We can be contacted at