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Moustache March News Archive:


01.27.08 - American Mustache Institute - These guys fight the good fight year 'round. They are also fighting to get the Super Bowl moved to Saturday. Tons of information on their site.

01.22.08 - Site of the week Remember the Pet Moustache ad campaign from Burger King? This site is a must visit for some fun times.

01.21.08 - Check out the amazing new image gallery for this year! Get registered and start uploading your pics!

01.20.08 - You can watch some great videos from the past on our videos page.

01.16.08 - Join the email list HERE, keep updated on all the news.

01.07.08 - I think our theme has been decided! We will be unveiling it soon.

01.04.08 - David Letterman and Conan O'Brian are sporting some mad beards in support of the writer's strike. I am hoping they are just getting ready for Moustache March. Read More (Update, I guess they shaved...losers)

12.28.07 - This kid called our friends at the American Mustache Institute for help when his school told him he had to shave his moustache.


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