Our main goal with Moustache March is to bring Moustache awareness but we also aim to bring awareness to great causes.

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Moustache March 2011 Team ACS Results
    Team Name $$$
1 Moustache Militia Moustache Militia (6 Members)
Shane Gardner, Scott Gilberti, Douglas Harada, Jesse Henschel, Anthony Spainhower, Tim Woodring
2 TDU Clark County TDU (7 Members)
Bill Soflanos, Jason Granneman, Duncan Hoss, Wayne Phillips, Brian Wade, Tom Yoder, Eric Zimmerman
3 Sheriff Lucas Sheriff Lucas and his Posse (2 Members)
Garry Lucas, Jim Orr
*Note - Sheriff Lucas will shave his 'stache if he gets to his goal!
4 Goon Platoon The Goon Platoon (4 Members)
Justin Messman, Jeremy Brown, Jeremy Koch, Rob Ternus
5 Boys 2 Men Boys 2 Men (7 Members)
Christopher Nicholls, Sean Boyle, Marc Butterfield, Gordon Conroy, Jared Stevens, Tyler Trenda, Todd Young
6 Boys 2 Men Clown Wranglers (5 Members)
Randon Walker, Brett Anderson, Albin Boyse, Robert Carder, Debora Wonderly
7 K9 Team Clark County K9 Team (2 Members)
Seth Brannan, Brian Ellithorpe
8 Tank's Crew Tank's Crew (1 Member)
Nate "Tank" Heath
9 Coach Coach-stache (1 Member)
Michael Bomar
    Total $11,155


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If you are already doing a fundraiser for Moustache March please let us know on the contact page so we can bring awareness to your cause!